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Of Pebbles and Yawps

Queen Athena has embarked on a new mission: to get a life. This is because the little thought pebbles rolling around in her brain are starting to echo. For example:

Doggie Dog thinks about: food, walk, food, walk, food, walk, food.

Queen Athena thinks about: food, walk, food, walk, food, walk, food.

Dr. Science thinks . . . → Read More: Of Pebbles and Yawps

The Tin Foil Crown

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands

If you’ve seen a normal queen, then you know a normal crown isn’t normally made of tin foil. But that’s not all. When normal queens are crown-free, they wear hats, and while some of those hats defy good sense, good taste, or even gravity, they are also not made . . . → Read More: The Tin Foil Crown

The Gray Badge of Honor

Back in Ye Oldie Days, our post-breakfast routine included a thorough hand-washing. Sticky maple syrup was only one reason, and that was only on Sundays, when Dr. Science (aka the Royal Consort) made pancakes.*

Every other day of the week it was fingers smudged with newspaper ink that ended up under the faucet. Back then, . . . → Read More: The Gray Badge of Honor

What’s In a Name?

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, Queen Athena was a reluctant part of the nightclub scene. Pixie cuts had given way to big hair, and mine was the biggest. So big, in fact, that drunk men would bury their hands in it and use it to tie me to a pole in . . . → Read More: What’s In a Name?