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The Tin Foil Crown

Queen Máxima

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands

If you’ve seen a normal queen, then you know a normal crown isn’t normally made of tin foil. But that’s not all. When normal queens are crown-free, they wear hats, and while some of those hats defy good sense, good taste, or even gravity, they are also not made of tin foil.

BUT … Queen Athena is not a normal queen. For one thing, gravity is definitely having a downward effect on her hats, as well as … other stuff. For another, she has never been described as having good taste, and only rarely as having good sense.

This is why it was important to find a crown that would be perky (despite gravity), and also not show dirt (hooray for good sense). As for good taste, I have none, so the choice was obvious: tin foil. And – bonus! – I no longer have to worry about alien tractor beams or electro-magnetic radiation giving me head cancer.

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