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What’s In a Name?

Pink LisaLong, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, Queen Athena was a reluctant part of the nightclub scene. Pixie cuts had given way to big hair, and mine was the biggest. So big, in fact, that drunk men would bury their hands in it and use it to tie me to a pole in a subway car. (Okay, that only happened once, but STILL.)

Between the big hair, the Maple Sugar lipstick, and the simple fact that I had lady parts, it made sense to have a “bar name” that I could give to drunk men who might possibly want to tie me to a subway pole. I considered “Cynthia,” with the optional “Sin for short” if the opportunity seemed interesting. That seemed highly unlikely, so I chose the more popular and easy to spell “Lisa.”*

Fast forward three decades. I no longer have big hair, and I don’t hang out with drunk men (much). But I’m still “Lisa.” It’s my Starbucks name. My pizza delivery name. My take-out Thai name. I have used “Lisa” so much and for so long that I answer to it when someone yells it in a crowd. But it’s not who I am.

I say this to make myself feel better. The name “Queen Athena” will grow on me, especially if I use it for long and because it’s so fun to say. (Go ahead! Try it!)  But when it comes to blogging, I’ll always be MomBrain at heart.


* I also used the phone number 867-5309 and NOT ONCE did anyone raise an eyebrow. Maybe they were too drunk.

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